Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pearlie Girls

Time for my once a month mommy brag update on all things Lily and Maya.

Maya is 8 months old and finally likes eating something other than mama milk. She's mastered going from tummy to sitting, says Mama, claps on command, waves on command, crawls backwards, does push-ups, is perfecting her pincher grasp, dances to music, and shakes her head no and thinks its hilarious.

Lily is nearly three and a half, is obsessed with wearing tights,goes from being Alice in Wonderland to Dora numerous times daily, can write her name, had her first music program at school (video coming soon), and laughs hysterically at Skippyjon Jones books. She knows all capital letters and letter sounds, can identify beginning sounds in most words, rhymes like crazy and when given two numbers can tell which one is bigger up to 30 with 100% accuracy. She got that last skill from her Daddy, for sure.