Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Baby Proofing

So we moved into this house when Lily was 18 months old. We put a cabinet lock under the sink, gated the stairs, switched the outlet covers and called it good. Now that Maya is on the move we're realizing that we should probably do a bit more in the baby proofing department. Case in point...I was about to leave for soccer, gave Husband a kiss and said, "Watch out for the step down into the laundry room because Maya could take a header off of it. You should keep the door shut." Um, yeah. Sure enough, I came home and Husband explained that Maya took a header off the step. She's obsessed with cords, loves biting the edge of the wooden coffee table, thinks the door stopper is the bee's knees, bangs on the lamp bases and pretty much wants to eat every one of Lily's toys, while ignoring her own. Since she's been born I've been bragging to all my work friends about how easy she is (except the sleeping bit) and now I have the feeling that its all about to change. Suddenly she's quite the handful. Add that to the 3.5 year old who will most likely win a Golden Globe for best actress in a drama, and I'm pretty much thinking my life is going to be anything but easy--at least for the next 18 years. Oh well, at least they are cute.