Tuesday, October 27, 2009

First Smiles

There's nothing like those first sweet baby smiles. I remember waiting and waiting for Lily to smile after she was born, but Maya's first smiles really snuck up on me. I have a feeling that this is how it is with baby number two. Things are really flying by. Before we know it, she'll be walking and talking. Since Maya will most likely be our last baby (much to my father-in-law's chagrin) part of me wants to slow things down and keep her small forever, but I'm looking foward to all of her firsts and watching her grow.

Lily's Milk

Since Maya's been born, I've logged many, many, many hours nursing. Lily finds it fascinating that Maya drinks "Mommy's milk" and has decided that her plethora of baby dolls should be drinking "Lily's milk." I find it fascinating that Lily's milk comes from her belly button and that its milk if Lily drinks milk and water if Lily drinks water. And Daddys don't have milk cause that's so silly. Here's a pic of her nursing Marisol.

Fall in Michigan

Although I loathe the end of summer (temp drops, shorter days, back to work), I do love fall in Michigan. There's just something about crisp days filled with cider mills, pumpkin patches, farms, and colored leaves that make me happy. So far this fall, I've been on two wagon rides, tromped through two pumpkin patches, picked 4 pumpkins, had two different kinds of cider and doughnuts, and have dressed the girls in their first matching outfits and its not even the end of October!

Monday, October 19, 2009

One Month Old!

I can't believe littlest is one month old already. I think when Lily was born, that first month was one of the longest of my life. Now that we're old pros at this parenting gig this past month has flown by. Maya is a pretty chill baby who loves her sleep (so far anyway, knock on wood!). Lily loves being a big sister and can't get enough kisses and pats to Maya's head.